PCC provides consultancy for the following:

RO Plant Treatment

We offer total solution for RO plants with wide range of product line of antiscalant, antifoulants, sanitizing and preservative agents and cleaners.

Cooling Water Treatment

Our extensive range of imported and locally manufactured cooling water treatment chemicals have been specifically developed to be used across a wide variety of commercial, industrial and process applications including water chiller, cooling towers, heat exchangers, condenser, compressor and generators etc.

Boiler Water Treatment

PCC extensive range of advanced boiler water treatment chemicals have been specifically developed to be used across various industrial boiler treatment applications. These superior quality boiler products and additives focus on improving the operational efficiency of boilers and steam generators by offering most appropriate solutions to the problem associated with such installations; namely scale formation, corrosion, boiler water carryover and sludge deposition.

Waste Water Treatment

OEfficient treatment of waste water has always been a challenge, no two process waters are alike and PCC understands the unique characteristics and challenges our customers’ face. Filtering usually requires a two-step process:

  • Chemical separation
  • Mechanical separation

PCC connects knowledge of chemistry, innovation and technology with the right equipment and chemicals to solve the most challenging problems and deliver results.

Cleaning Support

Every heating, cooling and chilling system in industrial or commercial application requires routine maintenance products for cleaning services. We provide expert recommendation for cleaning chemicals with consideration of metallurgy and maintenance requirement of the individual systems.